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(Normal member to Active member)


Brain Storming on Paper

i. A person shall become a Normal Member on submitting the prescribed declaration and payment of the membership fee as prescribed from time to time.


ii. A person seeking Active Membership shall apply to the office of the concerned Primary Unit or the concerned District Unit in prescribed format. Each application should be supported by at least two existing Active Members.


iii. The application will be considered by the Ward or Panchayat or Sikschak Sabha of the concerned Primary Unit in its succeeding meeting, where upon it shall make its recommendation to the District Executive.

iv. The District Executive shall take the final decision on each application in its meeting held after the receipt of the application.

v. This association shall maintain a register of its members in the manner as maybe prescribed in the Regulations.


vi. The list of Active Members shall be frozen one month before the call for application of candidates for any election. Pending applications, if any, for Active Membership shall be decided before freezing the list.


vii. The National Executive, the State Executive and the District Executive shall have the power to directly admit new members or confer the status of an Active Member on any person. However such power shall only be exercised by the District Executive when no Primary Unit is in existence for a particular area.


viii. Any person, who has been co-opted to a District Executive or in any body at the State or National Level, shall be deemed to have become an Active Member on submission of application form along-with the requisite membership fee as prescribed from time to time.


ix. If a District Executive/State Executive decides to grant membership to a person who was a leader in another registered ASSOCIATION  in the last ten years or is still a leader, such decision shall become operational only after approval by the National Executive. A leader here would mean either a State or National Level office bearer of another ASSOCIATION or someone who has contested parliamentary or Assembly or District Level elections on the symbol of Political Party.


x.  An Active Member shall pay membership fee and contribution as prescribed from time to time.


xi. A person can become a member either at his/her place of permanent residence or where he/she carries on his/her education business but atone time, he/she shall not be a member at more than one place.

xii. If any active member changes his place of residence, he/she should get his address changed by giving intimation in writing (with KYC documents) to the concerned Units.

xiii. It is mandatory to have character certificate issued by concerned DM to contest or hold any constitution post of this association.

xiv. Interview will be done by Founder member / Sr. faculties/ Advisor panel ; to promote right candidate to participate in election.

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