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eligibility of membership

Business Meeting

Any citizen of India of the age of 18 years or above who subscribes to the objectives of the association shall be eligible to become a member of the CAB,

provided that he or she:

i. Is not a member of any other coaching associations (in India);

ii. Is not a member of any organization whose views, policies or actions are in conflict with the objectives of this association; and/or

iii. Has not been convicted of any offence involving moral turpitude.

categories of membership


There shall be two categories of members:

i. Normal member: Every person who becomes the member as per the procedure prescribed shall be an Normal member. A Normal member shall not have any voting right.

ii. Active Member: A person who has been an Normal member for at least three months and who has followed the Code of Conduct for members and has actively participated in various programs of this association shall be eligible for Active Membership and who agree to contribute (maximum) fees of one student in one year. An Active Member shall have the right to vote.

term of membership


The term of membership shall be 2 years. A member shall have to get his membership renewed every year. For the purpose of this clause, a year shall be the period commencing from 1st of April of a calendar year or the date of enrolment of a member up to 31st of March of the succeeding year. However, initial term of Active Membership of all those persons, who became Active Member between  JUNE 2020 and 31st  October 2020, shall be up to 31st March, 2022.

cessation of membership


A person shall cease to be a member of this association in the event of:

i. Death;

ii. Resignation;

iii. Expulsion/Removal; or

iv. Non Renewal of Membership

v. If he/she joins any other coaching/teacher association (in India)

vi. On being convicted by a court of law for a crime involving moral turpitude.

suspension of membership


The State Executive or the National Executive may suspend an Active Member from the membership of the Party pending disciplinary proceedings.

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