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CAB is a non profit and welfare organization founded, in association with renowned academicians, eminent educators and faculties along with group of professionals together to create a platform to unify their voice for unity, welfare, security and growth of this sector.


Our Distinguished founders launched the education movement “Together, we are strong” through an association  “Coaching Association of Bharat” in 2020. The philosophical idea of ‘CAB’ is to create a platform based on Democratic, Transparent & Apolitical.

Our members have pursued higher degree from IIT, IIM, JBIMS, National Law School, JNU, Delhi University, Patna University, Mumbai University, Harvard University, Oxford University, The London School of Economics & other Institute of International repute.

The 2019 Flood in Patna followed by festive seasons in Bihar has put these coaching in financial turmoil. After Holi, there has been continuous lockdown for 6 months due to COVID-19, has left in financial Tsunami. But there is not a single word from any Govt./ Political parties had left us to ponder on it. The main reason was, we don’t have association, which can raise unified voice for us.


The burden of not doing anything for our coaching sector and leaving it in the hands of incompetent people ; is not what we ever wanted to live with. We moved out of our comfort and thus, CAB has born.

We were very clear and focused about what we wanted to do for this sector since its inception — “ We want to earn respect, trust and participation of our members in this movement.” We want to see Safe, Secure, and High standard coaching system in this lifetime, before we die.  

CAB is moving with one aim — build a better, efficient and effective Association to that level so that no one can take teaching community lightly.

CAB envisions a progressive coaching society. “We believe in our fraternity. We have tolerated for years. Enough is enough. CAB will change now forever and that is sure.

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